Our “Bridging Concept”

Fostering inclusiveness of our local business for promotional purposes.

While we strive to offer you unique and quality environmental products, we are also committed to continuously support our local business. At least once a year we handpicked and curated a collection of sustainable and eco friendly products but not limited to handmade and recyclable materials that align to our company culture for our “Best of Wetaskiwin’s crate”.

In addition, our featured gift items can be purchased individually, bulk buying and fill in your subscription box option.

Creating a sustainable & greener community, one gift at a time!

Our green vision goes beyond promoting eco friendly products and creating a lower environmental impact.

Helping customers and the community sustain their businesses, organizations, lifestyle, passion and productivity is at the core of our goal.

As a resident in Wetaskiwin Alberta for over a decade, nothing is more heart satisfying than knowing that the Green Changing Table has created a baby step in the response to the “50 Year Community Vision” and helping our Community continue to flourish for our next generations to enjoy!


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