The Green Changing Table is an online gift shop and mom-owned cloth diaper rental service.

Our services were inspired by a plastic ban bylaw that was introduced in our local community of wetaskiwin, which incidently was the second municipality in Alberta to ban plastic bags.


Our children stand to inherit the earth we leave behind, and doing our part to contribute to its sustainability is our responsibility as parents.

Many of us want to create an impact but often we find the process of change to more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives a daunting task.
The Green Changing Table aims to make eco friendly products that have a lower environmental impact accessible and easy to implement into day-to day living possible for all Canadian parents.

As a resident of Wetaskwin AB, we are also proud to take a baby step towards contributing to the "50 year community vision" and support the growth of other local businesses.

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Is to make environmentally friendly & economical baby items made with environmentally conscious materials available and accessible for Canadian parents.

As the creator of the Green Changing Table, I am giving away 10 Gift Certificates to a qualified individual.

Lucky winners will be drawn twice (every January of 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060 and 2070). Funds and vertification will be trusted in the City of Wetaskiwin, in due time.

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