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Rental Service

Why rent when you can buy?

If you are already thinking this, the most obvious answer is cost savings.

Babies grow out of cloth diapers every for 2-4 months. What if we can reduce that
cost to you and make it convenient upgrading to the next size?


Our New Born Starter Kit

Our premium cloth diapers are easy to use and absorbent. It’s made of a microfiber
fleece which is designed for “wicking” the wetness away from baby’s bottom
so that the baby feels drier.

They are form-fitted with elasticized legs and back, have durable and adjustable
snap closures and the fit is just the right size for that first 12 weeks.

You can custom order additional diaper covers if you like to explore opportunity of
different brands so you would have an idea which you liked more for your next step
order/size-up. Click "Buy Now" button below to see what's included in your starter kit.

Order your Newborn Starter Kit Here:


**In order for us to manage inventory, package and deliver your cloth diaper
starter kit we recommend you order 5 to 6 weeks before your due date.
If this is not possible (ie: you are already very close to your due date, or
your baby has already arrived, please contact us via phone/email and we can
discuss possible options for delivery/pickup


How does the Diaper Rental Program Work?
Step 1: Pick 1 of our Newborn Starter Kits. To meet deliverability requirements we do need 3 week notice so we can get the package ready for you.
Local pickup is available. For out of area clients please note that shipping times can vary depending on the service you choose.
Step 2: You receive the Diapers. Your rental program starts on the date you receive the diapers or if your newborn has not arrived yet, the day your newborn arrives.
Step 3: When it’s time to upgrade, you let us know that you need the next level up in sizing. We will get that to you within 3 weeks of receiving the request (please make sure to factor this in so you always have diapers that fit on hand). Once you receive the new set you can return the old set back to us.
Note: You are responsible to keep diapers clean and return to us in acceptable condition. See cleaning instructions below.
What happens after my baby outgrows the diapers

Let us know that you need the larger sized diapers and we will have them ready for pickup/shipping within 3 weeks.

Returns are easy, simply drop off or mail the diapers back to us. Depending on which option you choose next, we will either have already sent you a set of new diapers or will issue you a refund of your security deposit.

How do I clean the diapers?

Your starter kit contains the diapers you need to cloth diaper your newborn , washing them every other day.

You'll receive a due date of your rental and specific laundering instructions with your package.

Please do not use chlorine bleach on your rental diapers! This can seriously damage the fibers and will most likely irritate your baby's sensitive skin.

*Using chlorine bleach will forfeit your Rental Contract.

Do you offer stripping services?

Complimentary “stripping” every 2 months is available for local area clients (- drop off only) or we will ship you a pouch of our best seller RLR Laundry Treatment if you are out of our pick up range.

If you are not one of our diaper rental customers you can purchase stripping services in our online shop here

What is the rental fee like?

Our starter kit pricing is as follows, our ongoing rental fees for sizing up diapers is as follows:

Starter Kits : Baby Shower $99, Premium Kit $125, Premium Plus $150

Exchange program :
How often do I need to upgrade my size?
Our newborn starter kits will last you from 0-12 weeks.
How often do I need to clean my diapers?

Your starter kit contains the diapers you need to cloth diaper your newborn full time, washing them every day/every other day - depending on the package you choose. You'll receive a due date of your rental and specific laundering instructions with your package.

A newborn will typically go through roughly 15 diapers in a 24 hour period. This is what we use as a guideline to meet full time cloth diapering requirements when we build our packages.

Our Starter Kits include 25 (manage with washing every day) to 30 cloth diapers (manage with washing every other day). Please see how many your kit includes here.

We have designed our diaper retinal kits so you have enough extra diapers to keep you going between washes.

Why am I being charged a security deposit? Is this refundable?

A One-Time Security Deposit Is Required At Time Of Order. amounts are listed with package description and weekly rates.

Security Deposits are transferable. If you choose to sign up for an additional rental package after your current rental package has ended, your security deposit (minus cost of repairs, if any) can be transferred to your new rental package.

Upon return security deposits can be issued as store credit or refunded to the original method of payment on file within 5-10 business days. If you opt to receive store credit you will receive an additional 10% off discount code which can be applied to your next order.

Our cancellation policy

If you cancel your order more than 14 days prior to the start date, there will be a $20 cancellation fee.

Cancellations any later are subject to a $40 administration fee. Please note that all items must be returned for refund to be processed. All refunds will be available 5-10 business days after we have provided you with written confirmation of refund along with the total value being refunded.

What are GCT customer rewards and how do I redeem them?

EARN POINTS For STORE CREDIT with your diaper rentals

Earn $10 store credit for every 100 points you accumulate.

When you return the diaper rentals by their due date, you will earn 100 points.

Note: Points will earn you store credit. Points do not carry a cash value

What is the difference between premium and premium plus diapers?
We have 3 Kits that you can purchase. The premium and premium plus are 2 different rental packages. Please See our separate kits and what is included in each here
My question is not on this list!
These are our most frequently asked questions, but that does not mean we can't answer yours. Please send us your questions via email by filling up the form on our Contact Page. We look forward to serving you!


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